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Attorney FAQs

We are beginning a project to provide quick answers to most questions practicing attorneys have for personal injury, Labor Law, malpractice, and strict liability cases. They will be listed on this page in an outline format with links to the individual FAQ pages. Most FAQs will explain how to search the issue using the search feature of the New York Torts Weekly. Some will include specific case citations. Items without links are topics we are currently working on.

  • Trials
    • How to Subpoenaed Records for trial. Subpoenaed records is an essential tool for any trial. They lay the foundation for expert testimony and in many cases provide prima facie proof of their content. Review the Subpoenaed Records FAQs pages several months before an anticipated trial date to review how to subpoena records so they are self authenticating and lay a foundation for those that are automatically admissible, or to object to their admission.
    • Motions in Limine
    • Jury Selection
    • What you must do After the Verdict. There are several things that you must do before a jury is dismissed. For this reason, it is important that you know these ruled before the verdict. There is a short time for other remedies after the verdict. Review the After the Verdict page as soon as the case is sent to the jury. It will answer these questions:
      • What must you do before the judge dismisses the jury?
      • How do you move to set aside an inconsistent verdict?
      • When is a verdict properly published?
      • When should you check the jury sheet and ask for the jury to be polled?
      • When can you move for judgment as a matter of law?
      • What are the grounds for judgment as a matter of law?
      • How much time do you have to set aside a verdict?
      • What are the grounds to set aside a verdict or for a mistrial?

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