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The New York Torts Weekly (NYTW) search engine has revolutionized legal research for personal injury and malpractice attorneys in the First and Second Departments.

Our simple search form pulls up a list of concise summaries on any issue. Quickly browse the list to find the decisions most relevant to your position. No more wading through lengthy decisions to find out if they apply.

See how it works. Look at a sample search of the often perilously misunderstood statute of limitations for wrongful death.

The list of cases can be pasted into an email to bring to court or into your motion or brief. Every decision has a link to the official decision. It’s like having all your research in your document as you write.

Our Summaries:

  • Are written by attorneys with decades of personal injury and malpractice trial and appellate experience.
  • Contain only the dispositive facts and law.
  • Have clickable links to the full official decisions.
  • Include EVERY personal injury and malpractice case* since 2016 and are updated weekly.
  • Cover only the Court of Appeals and First and Second Departments — the courts that matter most to your practice.

Stay in the Know in Only Minutes a Week

  • Read highlights of the decisions in the weekly email in about 1-minute.
  • Click on the link in the email to see the summaries.
  • Read the 3-10 “MUST READ” summaries in less than 5-minutes.
  • About 15-minutes to read all of the week’s summaries.
  • Read whatever you have time for.
  • The rest will be in the database to find with our simple search form whenever you need them.
  • Readable on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Summaries are prioritized to make the best use of your time:
    • MUST READ – The most important 3-10 summaries of the week to maximize your cases and avoid pitfalls.
    • NOTEWORTHY – Typically 15-25 summaries. You will find something you can use every week.
    • IF YOU MUST READ – Decisions which have no precedent value, such as where the Court doesn’t give enough details to make the decision applicable to any other case, as well as areas farther afield than the typical personal injury or malpractice practitioner.

Sign up before December 31, 2023 and get a 60-day Free Trial. Cancel at any time.

*Does not include defamation, business torts such as interference with contractual rights, employment discrimination, or cases involving only property damage.

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